Simplify your Mac and be more productive.

Get your Mac working exactly the way you want

If you're fighting with your Mac and fed up with not having a good system that 'just works', then this is for you!
Simplify your Mac and be more productive

Why simplify?

Because now you're probably annoyed, frustrated and just want to enjoy a faster way to work on your Mac don't know where to start.

• Frustrated: Unable to find files, data or emails
• Annoyed: The Mac is running really slow
• Fed up: Photos not organised and scattered
• Scared: The Mac might have a virus or malware
• Angry: Nothing 'just works' anymore!

The benefits

In this 120-minute 1:1 session, together we'll go over your current system and find ways to simplify so you can be more productive!

• Organised: Able to find everything quickly!
• Faster: It's like it's a brand new Mac!
• Relived: Everything has it's place, it's great!
• Secured: Safe, secure and privacy restored!
• Better: All Apple devices are perfectly synced now!

Simple offer

I've put this service together to help those who want kick-start their journey into becoming more productive with their Mac and Apple devices.

• 120-minute secure 1:1 session
• 14 days of email support
• Only €249
Simplify Your Mac