The things my clients say are my best ads

I’m incredibly humbled to work with such a fantastic array of clients throughout the years. Here's just a sample of their kind words.

Kia has been exposed to all manner of philosophies and systems of work that are needlessly or helplessly complex, and he's seen it, solved it, and ready for anything you can throw at him.
I've been enjoying your content in podcast form for the last couple of weeks again. I stopped with all tech-related podcasts for a while, and so far, you are the only that's made it back.
I’m fairly new to your show Kia, and I’ve been keeping my podcast subs as low as possible, but your show has pride of place in my podcast app now, and I listen to it as soon as it pops up.
Kia has been advising on my tech mess, and every single call I have with Kia has saved me hundreds of dollars in the tech I should invest. This is on top of the hours that I saved from his streamlining advice on the tech processes I use daily for business.
He is knowledgeable, is a good listener, analyses thoroughly, and develops and implements a "step-changing" plan. Integrating many aspects, ranging from security to efficiency and productivity.
Kia is a wealth of knowledge, and his insights on technology and minimalism really challenge me to do better.
Since I've gone through a coaching trajectory with Kia and every morning thereafter, when I open my Mac, supported by workflow practices and data security that allows me to focus on delivering true value to my own clients - for a brief moment, I have to think of "my TechCoach", with deep gratitude.
I got to know Kia through one of his podcasts. He knows everything about a Mac. And more importantly, he can listen well, think along and give valuable feedback.‍ Very nice to work with.
Kia offered us the perfect solution for optimising our cloud storage issues and workflow. He even reduced our yearly costs by €10k with the implementation of G Suite.
Kia has helped create order from chaos in our family Apple configuration: organising photos, assuring all files are Cloud protected, mess between users on Macs and Apple accounts resolved, etc.
Being a small business entrepreneur I need my information at my fingertips, efficiently and clearly. Kia helped me set up my digital office which allows me to concentrate on my core business. ‍He is an expert not only on Apple devices but also on all kinds of affordable small business
Kia has an enviable ability to assist, not just in solving problems, but also coming up with innovative ideas related to the business.
Spending an hour with Kia at his computer has caused my head to spin with excitement and new hope for streamlining my way of working in the future.
This guy is not a MacJunky, he is passionate about his work and really loves to share with others, you can see it in his shining eyes when talking :-)
Enjoyed the Mac Productivity Workshop with Kia. His enthusiastic approach makes you want to explore the possibilities of your Mac even more.
I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business. He's very skilled, patient and keen to help and make your life a lot easier!
MacJunky is fast and reasonably priced without a doubt & better than the Official Apple Store!
Een werkelijke professional, maakt waar wat hij beweert, heb de indruk dat als hij een probleem niet op kan lossen het einde oefening voor je apparaat is.
MacJunky is voortaan onze netwerk & systeembeheerder!
I was advised by Kia well to salvage my MacBook with some new bits, and now it's as good as new. I highly recommend him!
Vriendelijke man, goede service, zeer kundig en verder duidelijk en open over de mogelijkheden.
Kia was a great and professional helper in trying to find what was wrong with my Macbook Pro 17".
Kia's really generous with his help even for the apparently stupid mistakes. If anything, definitely reach out to him!
Super blij met deze Macbook expert. Snel, duidelijk (ook voor niet-techneuten) en eerlijk over te verwachten resultaten of mogelijkheden van reparaties.
Wow! Amazing! The service and help is there when I need it. One of the companies that really understands what service is.
Great service at MacJunky. Kia is friendly and efficient - will definitely be returning with any issues in the future!
Kia looked at my Mac, told me what the problem is, and how to solve it, and Solved it. Easy! Thanks a lot!
Kia updated my (2009) iMac, which was getting annoyingly slow, by installing extra memory, a new hard disk and doing a clean install and it's running perfectly again! Thanks again, Kia!
If you have a Mac problem: Kia is your guy. I completely recommend him.
An enriching conversation and professionalism minus any geek grandiosity. Easy to recommend.
Definitely recommend to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service. Expect quality service, good communication and a timely turnaround.
Kia helped me out after a crash of my SSD at a wrong and busy moment. He was able to help fast and gave good advice on what to do.
It is great to have an Apple expert close by and available. Kia responds quickly and gets the job done. Great guy as well.
Tevens veel gratis advies gekregen over software, een aanrader dus!
Voor mij als bijna digibeet een gulden overbuurman Kan altijd even binnen lopen voor advies.
Fast & Friendly & a lot more. Kia fixed my laptop last week. I recommend him to anyone.
He was a pleasure to work with and should I have any future Mac problems I will be calling him.
Great service. If you suddenly have a problem with your mac, don't hesitate to contact Kia.
Great guy, with great humour and solves the problems on my mac that needed to be fixed so I do not waste any time looking at the "spinning wheel". Highly recommended!
‍Meet Kia and all your worries will be taken care of in a professional and easy manner. Best place to have your trouble taken care of.
Kia proved that with some creativity and persistence, even a computer has nine lives.
Found Kia via Google and was impressed by all the great reviews he got from real people. Turned out a great decision.
Quick and good service. Tells you everything upfront, no surprises. He is not the cheapest but certainly delivers a good quality job.
Very Honest and helpful!
Prima geholpen bij mijn Apple Macbook Pro, moet even clean install doen, maar dan zou alles moeten werken!!
THE best! Fast and expert! Lovely dog too. My Mac is like new.
Snel en zeer deskundig geholpen nadat mijn iMac gecrasht was. Kia hield me goed op de hoogte van wat er moest gebeuren en van de kosten.
Snel en vakkundig geholpen door Kia van MacJunky. Kia heeft me hiermee enorm geholpen! Super service!
Kia saved our precious moments in life and our state of mind! Our iMac was running so slow and the storage was full.
The only way Kia could improve would be by cloning himself. Great service, fair price, professional and honest work.‍
Fijne ervaring. We komen zeker terug maar hopelijk niet te snel. ;-)
Kia was able to see me, a few hours later. Locate the problem, the fan was off keel. And restore my computer to full working glory.
Daarnaast geeft hij ook advies voor in de toekomst, beter kan niet.
Kia actually forwarded me to Apple without charging me as the problem should be fixed by them for free.
Great work, great advice and service. Thanks again MacJunky!
This help was desperately needed, skilfully executed and came just in time. I would recommend him for any emergency Mac situation.
Aardige gozer. Hij kon me helaas niet helpen met mijn probleem omdat de reparatie de kosten niet waard zou zijn, maar hij heeft me wel goed advies gegeven.
Just awesome! I recommend MacJunky with flying colours.
Kia! Oh, dear! You saved me months, if not years, of work by getting that data out of my dead TimeCapsule!!
Really good service! He was immediately available. Highly recommendable.
M'n Macbook pro uit 2012 was opeens uitgevallen, maar Kia had hem snel weer aan de praat en hij werkt weer perfect
Helpful fast no waste of time. Fab!! Thanks MacJunky!
Snel, efficiënt, aardig en betrouwbaar, gewoon een goed adres om zaken mee te doen.
Betrouwbaar, deskundig en een prettige, vriendelijke persoonlijkheid.
Kia has recently increased his likeability by adopting a giant fluffy dog. I now recommend him (Kia) to everyone.
When he was done working his magic and I pressed the power button of my laptop I was greeted with a working retina screen once again.
I got my baby back within 3 days with a new keyboard! Huge thanks for that Kia!
Well done to Kia from Macjunky, he comes across as very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him for your Mac-related problems!
Absolutely GREAT and fast service! After 3 days my Mac was fixed and all my documents recovered!!
A gentle and inspiring guy. I cannot recommend him enough! If there is a problem with your Mac, contact this magician.
THE man if you have a Mac problem! Thanks Kia, I am happy to have found you (and Woof!)
Kia and his team (Woof!) are obviously very experienced and they are happy to help. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Goed geholpen door erg vriendelijke en bekwaamde Kia Kamgar. Het was het goede adres voor wat ik nodig had.
Zeer betaalbaar en geen afzetter. Au Contraire. Aanbevelingswaardig.
Ook niet onbelangrijk, een fijn mens als professional&zakenman: ik voel me er echt geholpen en voel dat ik niet bang hoef te zijn te worden afgezet. Echt een aanrader!
Kia has done an amazing job fixing our computers. I can only recommend his services.
Thanks for your help solving an urgent problem with managing multiple mail accounts on Macs. Thanks a lot!
I put in a quick call after office hours and got helped very gentle and informative!
Echt passie voor zijn vak! Trouwens ook een prettig en interessant mens. Raad aan om met Apple problemen bij hem langs te gaan!
I checked on Google and found that MacJunky had the best rating in the area. Excellent job done. Truly recommended!
Great quick service for a very reasonable price. This man is the best!
Kan snel en op afstand werken en komt direct to the point. Dus het uurtarief wordt goed besteed. Zeker aan te bevelen.
Onze Apple spullen zijn in goede handen. En daar ben ik heel blij mee. Een aanrader dus. Dank je wel!
Kia is a real professional. I liked his professionalism and his friendly approach. I would recommend Kia to anyone with Mac issues.
Thanks Kia, also for your explanations. My iMac is like new.
I love the fact that he doesn't "sell" technology but advises on your personal needs/requirements!
Hij heeft er met mij een klant bij, ook al moet ik er 3 kwartier voorrijden! Helemaal top! Bedankt en succes!
Kia kept me up-to-date and provided clear explanations about what he found out. Definitely recommended.
MacJunky is absolutely wonderful, both technically and personally. Kia takes your problems as his own and tries his best to find a solution.
Very thorough and professional service, great value for money and highly knowledgable.
Thank you very very much Kia! The one and only MacJunky!!!
MacJunky is bevlogen en erg kundig. Gelukkig bleek er weinig mis met mijn Mac dus stond ik binnen een kwartiertje weer buiten.
Sorry geniuses and resellers, you won't see me again, I'll go to MacJunky!
After months of frustration, useless hours and days trying to get our in-house wifi network installed and after spending money on network links which didn't work, Kia fixed it all in one day.
Kia was a great help getting my computer back up and running. Quick service! *and Woof! is a great dog!
MacJunky toonde mij een gegarandeerde web winkel, en gaf aan welke uitbreiding toepasselijk is, en nu loopt mijn computer weer als een monstertje.
Kia is meestal snel ter plaatste om je al je Mac probleem op te lossen! Al die vernieuwingen kan ik bijna niet meer bijbenen, maar gelukkig is er MacJunky om te helpen.
Great advice! Great guy! Just go there and get your problem fixed!
Dank je Kia voor wederom de geweldige service!
Voor ieder die niet elke keer de tocht naar een Apple store wil maken is MacJunkie een professionele troubleshooter!!
Great Service... Instant Chat contact with a professional person... That I call helpful!
He basically stopped me from buying a new MacBook (twice), and saved me a lot of money!
He was clear and upfront with his terms and payment and I appreciated him keeping me up to date with how the work was going. Kia is a Mac magician!
Kia helped me out over the phone a few times, being glad to help out, charging nothing.
Kia is recommended for his rapid response and nonsense action. And would recommend him to all small business apple users.
Kia was a lifesaver. He was able to restore files that I had lost. I would highly recommend his services!
MacJunky saved my life after somebody spilled a glass of wine on my Macbook, Machine is destroyed but he recovered all my data. Big Hug.
Excellent service! Much appreciated.
When things don't work the way they should, who are you gonna call... Kia. This guy should wear a cape and his logo on his chest.
Found Kia on the internet, directly helpful... Thank Kia!
Kia is een no nonsens specialist met een breed perspectief. Kia leeft MacJunky! Ik kan hem van harte aanbevelen voor uw specifieke uitdagingen waarbij ik er zeker van ben dat hij de juiste oplossing zal en kan aandragen.
‍You’re a lifesaver Kia, many thanks!
Quick, clear and honest advice and a fast delivery time.
The welcome was very kind. Kia has excellent knowledge. The response time (getting my Mac back) was very acceptable.
Kortom: we zijn zeer tevreden met het werk dat Kia voor ons verrichte.
Kia helped me instantly with my questions and issues regarding Calendar, synchronising with the Mac, iPhone and iPad and Microsoft Outlook via an Exchange server.
I highly recommend MacJunky's services to everyone who needs fast, professional and friendly Mac support!
Thank You MacJunky for helping my son with his broken hard disk. He was very happy that You could recover his Minecraft files in such a short time.
Kia saved my day today! It was his day off, but I leave on fieldwork tomorrow and yeah yesterday my MacBook stopped functioning. So relieved. So happy. Thanks Kia.
Ik ben blij dat ik MacJunky heb gevonden. Thanks MacJunky!!
Great service, great personality. For anyone looking for top support, I would strongly recommend considering MacJunky!
Thanks Kia for the quick and fast solutions you are bringing. In one strike you solved problems which the Apple helpdesk never was able to tackle.
Frustrated, I contacted Kia at MacJunky to discuss some connectivity solutions. His advice? "@#!*
Kia takes time to listen to your problem even before you decide to pay him a visit! A true MacJunky. ;-)
I had a really pleasant experience meeting Mr MacJunky himself. Clear explanations. Recommended!
Friendly and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend bringing your 'Mac stuff' to MacJunky!
I found Kia to be very friendly and extremely competent, I won't hesitate to contact MacJunky again!
Great service. That's what I call service! charged me exactly €0.= !!
Well, I'm happy that I didn't get lured into some expensive fixing option to retrieve the data on my HD. All in all, the price was reasonable to establish that the Mac was beyond saving.
First 'ITer' who calls himself a problem solver and works with a smile on his face.
If you're looking for an Apple Pro who gives you honest advice, fixes your Apple computer and solves your problems? Don't look any further: you found him!!!
Professional, skilled, customer friendly and a very nice guy. MacJunky is the address to go to for Mac support. Highly recommended!
He recovered my data! In my eyes, he saved my life. Thanks Kia!
Kia was very helpful when my hard disk crashed and I also couldn't reach my Time Capsule! He solved this very fast and with clear tips!
I want to thank you for your support on a Sunday when my MacBook Air died on me. Many thanks again!
Goede service, goede reparatie, wat wil je nog meer!
I very much appreciated the immediate help I received. MacJunky also helps with learning to do it ourselves. Thanks Kia for making my life easier!
MacJunky (Kia) is delivering excellent work and services. A great partner to work with!
Flexible guy, good and honest communication, good work. What else do we need?
My experience with MacJunky was nothing but pleasant. Good and friendly service, and lots of free advice. I will definitely use his expertise in the future.
Al mijn data weg. Ik vond Kia op het www. Zijn diagnostische vragen per mail gaven mij hoop. Thank you Kia, thanks a lot!
Kia always comes up with swift, clear answers and solutions, whether on-site or at his workshop!
I picked up my machine within 24 hours and it's working fast as ever before. Thanks Kia!
Kia offered a creative 'quick fix' for a reoccurring problem with an external hard drive on the spot and best of all: for free. Thanks a lot!
Kia provides quick and efficient service and is readily available for any Mac-related problem
Kia worked on my Mac during the weekend. Great job, Great service. I would recommend him to everybody.
Totally awesome service recommended to anyone who is serious about ensuring his or her Mac is treated with care. Always go here first before you go to Apple.
Kia doesn't give up when he tackles a Mac Problem and he is really cooperative and never shy of good advice regarding your Mac issues.
Kia did fast and good work on my iMac! And apart from his good work, he is a nice person!! That is worth something :-)
My MacBook broke down again a couple of weeks ago. He fixed it completely for free. So great service!
MacJunky was zoals gewoonlijk weer supersnel en gaf tips om mijn computer nog beter te laten werken. Ik ben weer heel blij dat mijn Mac weer helemaal up-to-date is!
It was a pleasure to meet you and your dog. I am thankful for your 1-day service of the fan replacement, which gives my old and loved MacBook a new lease of life ;-)
Kia is our Mac champion. The MacJunky solves all issues with the Mac in no time! Independent professional with money-saving solutions.
Thanks Kia, you have given my Mac a few extra years of life.
Mac bij hem gebracht en de eerste analyse bleek ook meteen de goede te zijn. Met wat nieuwe onderdelen, een software update en een groter geheugen - plus alle data keurig bewaard - werkt ze weer als een nieuwe machine.
Na een tijdje Googlen kwam ik terecht bij MacJunky. In het weekend gebracht en 2 dagen daarna keurig alle data op een nieuwe schijf gezet. En dat voor een fractie van de prijs die je normaal gesproken betaald.
I know who is under my speed dial when things get ugly with my Mac products in the future! All-in-all, Kia is best in class, best in town, and best in the country! Highly recommendable!
Echter wat het belangrijkste van alles is: zijn telefoonnummer leg ik vast op alle mogelijke manieren zodat ik die niet kan vergeten. Kia je bent een toppertje! Thanxs
Kia is the best service provider I have ever had. Looking forward to many years of collaboration.
MacJunky delivers fast, reliable & perfect service with good results!!
Great service from Kia! My iMac checked and after it turned out to be a home power cable issue, no charges.
Kia is the person to talk to as he knows what he is doing. Thanks to Kia we have reduced IT maintenance costs by 70%.
He cuts the crap! No-nonsense. Just made it work!
Various ignorant Mac users' annoying little problems were solved by Kia in no time and an easy fee on top of it.
MacJunky makes sure my computer runs smoothly so I have nothing to worry about and I can focus on my work.
I contacted MacJunky today, with what appears to be a dire problem, the advice was all free of charge. You can't really beat that! Thanks very much!
I had to recover some data from a Hard Disk, and Kia's work was Quick, Efficient and Successful. Definitely recommendable.
Kia from MacJunky provided the best and fastest services one can hope for. Thank you so much from all of us at Tarek Atrissi Design.
Excellent service from Kia Kamgar at MacJunky. I would recommend him to you very highly for any Mac-related problems.
Today I went to MacJunky to check my MacBook. Kia services right on the spot, great, much better than the 'fancy' repair shops.
He worked quickly and efficiently to rescue essential files and software and was able to solve other problems I had with Wi-fi and Skype.
Kia is a great IT Consultant. I highly recommend him, he's very knowledgable and very fast and I will definitely use him in the future.
Alle macs hebben een backup, mijn internet is sneller en onze boxen doen het eindelijk draadloos. Wat fijn dat het allemaal is opgelost!
Within minutes Kia pointed me in the right direction to solve my not-so-common OS X problem. Thanks a lot Kia!
En terwijl ik in paniek was, blijft Kia rustig, legt je alles uit en lost het op. grote klasse! Ik kan Kia aan iedereen aanbevelen voor Apple klussen. Grote klasse.
Thank you so much for the fast service. Now I can start the week good again!
I was given an estimate for the repair and it was fixed within 24 hours! I couldn't have asked for a better service, thanks Kia!
My MacBook Air is now up and running again! Highly recommendable!
Kia was very helpful and repaired my laptop in no time! I don't know what I would have done without him, he restored all the files that I thought would be lost forever. Thanks again!
I'm very happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my friends!
I quite like Kia. Not only is he an English gentleman with horn rims who occasionally sports a beard, but there is also a waft of rare early elamite sophistication surrounding his personality.
Echt top deze man is zeker te vertrouwen en weet wat ie doet.
We found Kia to be very helpful, courteous and direct to the point with what could be the problem with our Mac. We would highly recommend him if you have any problems with your Mac.
A man with a lot of knowledge of Mac products, thanks again for fixing my wife's MacBook. Now I know where I have to go if I need to fix my Mac.
Friendly, fast, well-priced IT support. If you need your Mac fixed this is the place to go!
If you need help with your Apple, look no further. Just pick up the phone and call MacJunky. It is no-nonsense, no fuss and very effective. Hands-down the best in town!
Kia is a very professional Apple expert and is a nice guy to work with as well. I would recommend him to anyone with Apple-related questions.
Kia of MacJunky solved the problems with my different types of Mac within one hour. I recommend his service, skills and expertise to anyone.
I appreciated that Kia was very to the point. Thanks, MacJunky... we can now really start enjoying our new Mac!
Not once, not twice but maybe over ten times, Kia has came to our location in Haarlem to sort out the mess we had made with our system.
Een kort bezoekje aan Kia was voldoende om mijn RAM te upgraden. Zo klaar voor een schappelijke prijs.
He listened very well, checked my Mac briefly and advised me to use other applications for what I needed. This helped me out. Thanks!
Effective and efficient are without doubt the keywords to describe Kia's way of working.
It was great to have Kia here again to upgrade the memory of my old (but still good) Mac mini. Smoothly and fast it’s working again.
I was referred to Kia by a friend who has used his services in the past. I was complaining to her about the lack of service in the iCentre at which point she said to go and check out MacJunky. And am I glad I did!
Kia is super friendly, and an expert on everything Mac. Needless to say, I'm no longer scared if my Mac would break!
Problemen met je laptop of je netwerk? Bel Kia! Wat wil je nog meer? Ik kan hem van harte aanbevelen!
Will definitely come back should I ever need any help again and will recommend to my friends. Excellent!
So if you have a Mac issue, don't hesitate, to let Kia investigate. Highly recommended! Thanx man!
This guy is really incredible! Great knowledge, fast, professional, comfortable in dealing and friendly. Unbelievably good! Thanx Kia.
Bedankt voor de eerlijke diagnose Kia, ik ga sparen voor een nieuwe!
I would definitely recommend MacJunky to all my friends for all types of technical problems, efficient and cosy. Thanks a lot again! You are a very nice person!
De service verliep snel, duidelijk en erg plezierig. Heldere communicatie. Al met al fijn! Ik bel je zeker weer, mocht er iets met m’n apparatuur aan de hand zijn.
Plain advice, efficient planning and working again. I recommend MacJunky to anyone who has a problem with his Mac.
Met zijn 'magic touch' had Kia mijn overleden MacBook Pro in een oog wenk weer tot leven gebracht! Ik hoefde hem niet eens te betalen. Thanks!
Kia is a very nice guy with great Apple knowledge. Excellent service and I would thoroughly advise anyone to pass by him first before sending your hardware to Apple.
MacJunky heeft niet alleen een aantal problemen op mijn MacBook Air opgelost, maar meteen even gekeken naar de andere Apple apparatuur in ons huis en deze nog beter werkend gemaakt.
In future, I will definitely consult Doctor Kia and his assistant again.
Fast, simple and friendly. I was very happy with the straightforward response, really appreciated that. Thanx!
Lekker snel en alles opgeschoond. Echt heel fijn! Goede after service ook, wat betreft wat dingetjes die opnieuw ingesteld moesten worden. Kortom: ik ben blij!
Een zeer rustgevende gedachte dat er in Amsterdam iemand is met kennis van Mac-zaken en bovendien een superaardige man. Zeer aan te bevelen om in je adreslijst op te nemen!
I couldn't recommend Kia's services highly enough. He's a techie that understands business needs and end-user requirements - a rare commodity.
Er was voor mij eindelijk iemand die begreep waar het precies om ging. Hij was erg vriendelijk en zijn uitleg was geduldig en duidelijk, hij zorgde ervoor dat ik alles wat hij deed goed begreep, dat vond ik erg fijn.
Snel, goed, compleet. MacJunky heeft mijn Mac weer als nieuw gekregen en binnen no time was het verholpen. Ook fair geprijst!
Amazingly my Mac issue was instantly solved! Just wanted to share this for those looking for a reliable place to fix your Mac issues.
Before suggesting a solution, Kia asks the right questions to understand the real issue which has saved me large amounts of time and money.‍
Hij is handig en goed, zo ook zijn prijs. Ik kan hem iedereen aanbevelen.
I was impressed with his friendly and professional attitude, he had the problem solved very quickly, and I would certainly use him again.
Again a person saved from a nervous breakdown by MacJunky On easter Sunday my Mac did not start up. Thanks again for the fast and friendly service!
Een goede service dus en indien nodig komen we zeker terug.
De vakkundigheid is hoog en MacJunky geeft ook goed inzicht waar het probleem zit en hoe het is ontstaan.
MacJunky is the 'go-to guy' for professional and personal support for your Mac. If you happen to live in Amsterdam, it's a real experience to go to his office.
Fast, efficient and reliable support. Finally someone who gets down to the problem fast, without the extras left and right. Thanks for the great support Kia!
MacJunky helped me out when my iMac crashed completely. His service and knowledge were excellent. Highly recommended!
Door hem wordt je echt geholpen en wel op de wijze zoals een echte vriend dat ook voor je zou doen.
Kia helped us over the phone with a problem that had rendered one Mac useless. He solved it in two minutes and didn't charge even though I offered him to pay.
Where everybody had given up hope, Kia came around the corner and found a lot of data that was supposed to be gone. Thank you!
I found him through a mutual friend and I will bring my Mac stuff to him from now on. Nice guy, relaxed and very professional.
Kia, aka MacJunky is bijzonder warmhartig, geduldig en behulpzaam. Je kunt met een gerust hart met een vraag over je haperende Mac bij hem aankloppen!
Snelle en vakkundige reparatie! Absoluut aan te raden om je Apple te laten nakijken bij MacJunky.
Kia, you did a great job diagnosing and repairing our 2007 Macbook. You replaced its hard drive and the computer functions as if new!
Snel, betrouwbaar en veel kennis van zaken en dat alles voor een redelijke prijs.
He is fast, reliable, patient and very open person. Thanks for your help Kia!
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. He is great! "Hoort zegt het voort"
Very fast and personal service. I'll definitely recommend MacJunky to all my friends!
Wat ben ik blij dat ik even naar Amsterdam ben gereden! In een dag had ik mijn MacBook weer terug met een back-up van mijn kapotte HD!!!
Kia has done a great job on my Mac several times. Also I really appreciate his relating the problem to me in a language a 5 year old child would understand.
Kia, at MacJunky, was able to help me the same day and his rates were lower!
He explains clearly at each step of the way what the options are and what the costs will be, and delivers high value for an acceptable price.
Kia is the best help I ever had for my Mac issues, always reachable, direct answer, quick and effective. The problem was solved within minutes over the phone. After-sales: at no cost.
Kia has an outstanding capability as an Apple Macintosh Engineer. I will definitely hire him again when needed.
He will remain the Mac expert I turn to for all future quirks and queries in Amsterdam!
Kia is great. He is very friendly and easy to work with, and his knowledge of Mac computers is unsurpassable... He always goes out of his way to help when one needs him.
He recovered my Apple in no time, everything working perfect, he MUST be a computer nerd but he doesn't look like one...! A joy to work with!
Very good service, quick, personal and very communicative.
MacJunky has a crisp & clear service, the one you meet repairs the machine, no brainwashed Apple Store staff!
Ik heb waardering voor de prettige informele manier waarop hij met zijn klanten omgaat en kan hem dan ook zonder enig voorbehoud aanbevelen.
I know nothing about computers. One phone call and MacJunky makes a house call, helping you out. Great service.
MacJunky combines true love for Macs, honest interest in his clients and up-to-date knowledge.
One call to MacJunky was all that was needed, he found all the emails that were lost and gave me some extra tips - Excellent!
MacJunky has love for Macs and people and it shows in his work. Service with a smile, indeed.
MacJunky is a life-saver! He's on speed-dial 1 from now on!
MacJunky is reliable, fast and a very friendly service, exactly what you need in those rare and nasty occasions your Mac lets you down. Super!
In het nieuwe jaar konden we gewoon weer aan de slag. Met alle data op een gloednieuwe harde schijf, een paar geweldige tips rijker om de back-ups nog beter te organiseren!
Thank you very much for a quick service and saving years of data from our server!
Kia’s zorgvuldige behandeling van de HD en zijn geduldige manier van werken gaven me wel het gevoel dat heel persoonlijke en gevoelige data in goede handen zijn bij deze vriendelijke Mac-veteraan.
What can I say? You have helped me in a very efficient way to solve some problems I had for months.
I lost all the data on a client's hard drive during a crash, it was mainly audio and video files, I lost about 6 weeks of work, I called Kia and within 24 hours he managed to get all the data back!