Apple IT consulting for ZZP'ers and SMEs.

Make IT Simple. Keep IT Simple. Save money.

I help my client's businesses daily with their Apple-related issues to the highest standard with fast, clear and simple support and advice.
Apple IT consulting for ZZP'ers and SMEs
Providing support for Apple devices which also includes advice and tips on how to configure them to they remain optimised and reliable.

Your systems need to run smoothly, and with my pro-active approach I aim to minimise potential problems before they occur.

• Office and out of hours remote support via email, phone and screen sharing
• Regular reviews to ensure all software updated and optimised
• Coaching & clear advice on getting the best out of your Apple devices
• Support for Daylite, Google, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox etc
• Practical advice on keeping your Apple devices and your data secure
• And many more Apple-related support needs

Why MacJunky?

It's not always viable or neccecary to have an IT department in a small business, hency why I provide an ad-hoc and simple contract based service.

With over 35 years of Apple-related support experience, l'm sure l'll be a valuable asset to your business for any problems you'll need a solution for.

So whether you're implementing a new system or need help maintaining your existing system...
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