Are you struggling with your Mac or business workflow?

If you feel you’ve lost the battle with your Mac & workflow Let me help

The Mac Productivity Workshop will show you how to win the endless battle with your data and how you work on your Mac and iDevices.

Workshop topics

  • Email workflow tips
  • Utilising third party apps
  • Finding better applications
  • Securing your data
  • Better client management
  • Syncing all your devices
  • Automating your workflow

The benefits

The workshop is best suited for freelancers, businesses and professionals and can help you gain more insight into how to manage your data better.

Learning your way

We’ll go through different aspects of how you work to understand your ‘pain points’ and find a better workflow for you.

Book your seat

To be able to help you individually, I’ve limited the sessions to four seats only. This way I have time to answer all your questions & gain insight on the issues you’re having with your workflow.

Book your seat today!

What my clients are saying!

René Kemmer

An amazingly simple and clear workshop that confronted me with all the wrong habits I took with me from the past and are now real obstacles when it comes to being more productive.

René Kemmer

Joost Baardman

Kia showed me the enormous potential and possibilities if you use the full capacity of your Mac in combination with a couple of apps. Could be truly a blessing for lazy people. You let your machine do most of the boring work for you.

Joost Baardman

Judith Hendriks

Kia really know what he's talking about. The result of decades of experience with the Mac.

Judith Hendriks