Tech Minimalism

Losing time on unnecessary tech friction can kill your productivity. My mission is to make the tech you use work for you, not against you.

Simplicity isn't easy, and at times we feel what we're just getting nowhere when we do try to simplify our lives at work.

As a Tech Minimalist I help my clients resolve their tech annoyances with real solutions they can use to save more hours than they know what to do with.

If you're under pressure at work, and need to simplify your tech so you can focus more time on your clients, and yourself.

Kia is a wealth of knowledge and his insights on technology and minimalism really challenge me to do better.‍ Thanks for all that you do Kia!

Maarten de Groof
Paul Minors

Kia offered us the perfect solution for optimising our cloud storage issues and workflow, he even reduced our yearly costs by €10k with the implementation of G Suite.

Maarten de Groof
Bernie van Welt

Spending an hour with Kia at his computer has caused my head to spin with excitement and new hope for streamlining my way of working in the future.

Maarten de Groof
Rudi Goldman

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