The more I use the internet, the more I understand never to use social media numbers as a marker for anything, as they never help with your personal goal.


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I've been on the internet for a long, long time, and recently, I've been looking into marketing, and copywriting, and so on. I want to see how I can make my website a little better by eliminating a certain workflow.

What I've found, however, is there are two sides, there's a 50-50 split where half of the people are saying...

– "get loads of numbers, get lots of followers"

...and then there's the other half saying,

– "actually, you don't need that many followers, why are you worrying about the numbers?"

I'm in the latter camp.

I don't worry about numbers. What I care about are two things:

1 - how is my life doing, i.e. am I enjoying my life?
2 – how are my investments and bank account doing?

I really couldn't give two shits about how many followers I have. Yes, obviously, getting lots of followers is validation to a certain degree. However, getting feedback is way more of a validation.

I get so many emails saying...

– "love today's video"
– "the video gave me some great ideas"
– "I like the message and story"

Whatever feedback I get is great. Those types of communication, to me, those numbers are way more meaningful than having a number attached to my profile.

So the less we have, again, the more benefit we get.

That works for me, and I think it should work for everyone if you're constantly trying to get a bunch of followers, and subscribers, that tells me more about your character than anything else.

This also applies to your tech. If you have a lot of tools, you're not going to get shit done, you're just worrying about how good I am at using this tool rather than selecting less than a handful to run your business.

So numbers, to me, don't mean much. My bank account numbers mean a lot to me, obviously, and the number of hours I can spend with my dog and my life means way more to me than people following me and not even interacting with me.

I mean, it's pointless. There are lurkers, and they're welcome, but it's not something I worry about.

I've also just recently moved over to HEY for my email list, I like the fact that it doesn't really give me any numbers. Ghost does. I looked at it now and again, now it's just something less for me to look at.