More tech isn’t the answer

Yesterday I had a meeting with a prospective client, and we were discussing how I could help them with Basecamp.

He contacted me because I'm a Basecamp guy, and he wanted help because he... it's one of the tools he's using.

The thing that came up was... I was saying, what other tools are you using?

He said... we're using way too many tools.

And I couldn't understand. And the way he explained it, the way he was going through the story was; every time he found an issue, he found another app.

Now I've always said that more tech isn't the answer. It's not the app or the service or the number of apps and services that you use.

You can't plug holes with another app.

You can't fix your workflow by just getting another app for that part of the workflow.

You got to understand your workflow and how your company works. What I said to him from the moment you get the prospect to the moment you send the invoice and everything in between.

Once you know what that arc is, then you will understand what tech you need.

And more often than not, people only need less than a handful of tools for their work, their business.

So throwing more tech at an issue just causes more problems. And I talk about this all the time with my clients, because... when I talk to a prospective client it's one of the first things that come up:

I'm using this app, and this app, and this app. I've used this app, but then it didn't work. So you got this app, and this app, and this app...

And they're literally counting on four hands of effectively. And it's not a good way to go because you're not getting anything done.

Your focus is lost in trying to make these apps work rather than making your business work.

So go through your workflow, figure out what you can get rid of.

I say this pretty much at the end of each video, it seems, go through your workflow and figure out what you don't need. Get rid of it. You don't. You just don't need it to work.

Work out your workflow, work out your arc from customer acquisition to getting the job done and invoice, whatever.

And once you know that, you can get the right tools, but don't buy another tool or try another tool.

The FOMO thing, everyone has it. I have it, but it's not going to help, and it's not going to help you fix the issue by just getting more tech.

Anyway, have a great day. I'll see you in the next one. See the next one. Bye.

More tech isn’t the answer
More tech isn’t the answer

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