There is no ’best practice’ with art or what’s now called ‘content’. Art comes from the love of what you like and your interpretation of it.


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You know I'm privileged in being able to wake up pretty much at any time of the day and effectively do what I want on that day.

I've never set myself rigid tasks throughout the day, the week or the month. I do have soft goals that I want to achieve but more than that, I do what I like, and I love it. Being able to do that has really freed up my time, my mind and I'm so much more relaxed.

And to be able to do that living on the road as I do is such a great thing because there are so many things that I see and experience.

I woke up this morning and checked through Twitter after doing the morning routine, I saw a post about making content and people having issues with it.

There's so much going on in your life that you can actually make content about everything, but you've got to love that thing.

If you make content about something that you don't enjoy and you're just chasing the money, chasing the views, chasing the followers etc., you're not going to get anywhere at all, quick, then you get frustrated, and you're back into that vicious circle of what do I make?

What I recommend is to pick a topic that you love and enjoy and can talk about over and over again. also, people never get bored when you talk about the same thing generally because not everybody sees your video.

So making the same kind of video in different contexts still works because different people see it. So worrying about "what topic I should make", is something you shouldn't worry so much about. If you love that topic or art.

I'd like to call it art rather than content because once you think of it as art, then it's your art. No one can tell you how you should make art.

I'm in the trunk of my car at the moment. Who the fuck cares? It doesn't matter. It's my art. I want to make it like this. I want to make it black and white. I want to be outside with nature.

People might resonate with the topic, the thing that I'm talking about. Great, if they don't then they go to someone else and that's fine but trying to chase everybody is never a good thing.

You know, there's this thing, "talking to everyone, talk to no one". Well, if you try to market to everyone people get annoyed, and you're not marketing to anyone. It's the same with your art. It's the same with your content.

Make something that you enjoy, that you love and everything else will kind of fall into place.