Today's Weekly Wednesday newsletter was sent, and the response has been, well, pretty amazing! It just goes to show that simplicity does work.


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Today, my Weekly Wednesday newsletter went out. And I asked a very simple question.

How are you feeling today?

And the response has been amazing. I can't believe just such a simple, ask has warranted such a amazing outpouring of emails from everybody.

And it tells me that there is a lot of good out there. And there is a lot of people who like to just talk and like to share, especially with everything that's going around the globe right now

The world is kind of in a very, very strange place, but people still have time to reply with really nice messages.

Why did I send out that message? Well, Again, with everything that's going on, I didn't want anything other than, are you okay?

I know there's lots of emails going around like this. I never intended it to be like that, but I'm still amazed as to the reactions I've gotten with it.

So anyway, I'll leave it there. Last thing, I guess...

How are you feeling today? Let me know, have a great day.

And I'll see you tomorrow.

Ciao. Bye bye.