I was one of the first people on the list when Basecamp announced HEY. I was intrigued, and excited and couldn't wait to get my hand on a simpler email workflow.

HEY! It's not you, it's me!

Paid for the first year, got a fantastic alias and there I was using Hey for the year. But, the year wasn't without issues, but I persevered and it worked out fine.

‍Yet, after the year was almost done, I found that I wasn't using the features as intended. And if you know me, I love email, and the simplicity of the technology as well as being accessible to all.

‍So I didn't renew my subscription and went back to my trusted Apple Mail app.

‍Over the following year, I found that it was becoming more reliable. And the features were getting better. So at the beginning of the year, I signed up for it again hoping that my workflow would get with said new features.

‍But alas, no. I found myself struggling with too many clicks to do the simplest of things. Also, I know how to use email.

Heck, I even get hired to help those in need of email simplicity!

‍So after a month or so, I gave up.

‍It's not you HEY/Basecamp, it's me. I prefer simplicity over complicated/over-engineered tools.