Weekends are great, but do you have to wait for the weekend to let your hair down? It's unfortunate that many feel they have to wait.


I want to give Friday Fury a pause today and talk about not living for the weekend.

I've seen a couple of posts recently about people waiting for the weekend, waiting to actually do what they want to do on the weekend rather than doing it during the week, rather than doing it whenever they feel like it.

I think it's a bit sad to think that I'm working and hustling so much during the week that I'm waiting for the weekend to let my hair down. Life is too short for that shit. You have to just do what you want to do when you want to do it, within reason.

Obviously, you do need to work. We all need to work. But the fact that I keep seeing, "I'm waiting for the weekend", "Oh my god, it's Monday", "Oh, I'm so happy it's Friday", and "Thank goodness it's Friday".

What am I doing today? Or what have I done today? I'm laying down grass for a friend, more like family.

And I'm kind of happy that I'm able to say, "Yeah, of course, I'll come and help you with the grass. Not a problem".

I want you to think about living your life the way you should live your life and not hope that you'll wait to do something on the weekend.

Anyway, have a great weekend, go and do what you want to do over your weekend obviously and I'll see you on Monday. I'm going to haul some grass now...

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