OS X Server Support

Get advise on whether an OS X server is right for your business. Also guidance on which model is the best hardware for your needs, whether it’s a Mac mini a Mac Pro or in-fact any other hardware.


In order to customise OS X Server for your unique business needs, we first discuss your business needs and workflow, and analyse your existing systems.

I then configure and deploy your server so that your business can enjoy maximum productivity, efficiency, and power.

Setup & maintain

Every server needs regular maintenance in order to provide years of stable and reliable business use.

Services I frequently provide for in-office OS X servers are:

  • Set up new users, groups, and permissions on the OS X server
  • Set up Mac to connect to the OS X server
  • Set up VPN to allow users to access the server from outside the office
  • Setup, script and run automatic backups
  • Help maintain the Server (and clients) remotely
  • Run system updates
  • Run anti-virus and anti-malware software, to ensure server and network health
  • Set up FileMaker Pro, Daylite or other business software to run on the server


Having an onsite backup, a backup to hard drives on the office premises as well as a clone, means minimal down time in the case of a hard drive crash or other hardware failure.

You could be up and running in as little as a few hours, if you have the right onsite backup system in place.

I create a customised onsite backup solution for your Mac server, desktops, and laptops based on business size, amount of data, and current workflow.