Mac help and training remotely or onsite.

Professional help at your location or remotely.

As MacJunky, I help clients daily with their Apple Mac issues and questions with clear advice and with simple instructions.

Mac help and training remotely or onsite.

Mac help

You may have tried to resolve these issues yourself but you've come to realise nothing works the way it should.

And you're simply not getting the right information from watching Youtube videos and reading articles on the internet.

Well, as an independent Apple Consultant, I can help you resolve all these and other Apple-related problems you need help with.

Mac help remotely or at home

If you have one of the following issues, get in touch. I'd be glad to help you fix these, and other, Apple-related problem...

iCloud help and advice
Synchronise all documents, calendars and contact via the cloud.

Fixing issues with email
leaning up your mailboxes and making sure everything is in sync.

Malware removal and security
Making sure that you're safe and protected against viruses and hackers.

Problems with Photos
Issues with your Photo library resolved and better sync via iCloud.

Better network and WiFi
Advice on making your WiFi at home faster and more stable.

Create a solid backup solution
Advising on creating a solid backup workflow, so you never lose and data.

Mac and device training
Showing you what the Pros can do with training you to become one!

Speeding up your devices
Ensuring that your Mac, iPhone and iPad is up to date, faster and safer.

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