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To run a small business you need a tech foundation. Daylite is the best CRM to be that foundation. It'll also run your business and projects in one place.

Daylite CRM

My mission is to help your small business thrive using Daylite by helping you set up, implement and be trained using it on all your devices.

Daylite is the powerful CRM that'll become the central point for your client data, projects and even prospects to be future-proof.

If you need help with your installation of Daylite and continual support, let's set up a call and go through how we can make it happen.

I got to know Kia through one of his podcasts. He knows everything about a Mac. And more importantly, he can listen well, think along and give valuable feedback.‍Very nice to work with.

Maarten de Groof
Joost Eggen

Since I've gone through a coaching trajectory with Kia and every morning thereafter, when I open my Mac, supported by workflow practices and data security that allows me to focus on delivering true value to my own clients - for a brief moment, I have to think of "my TechCoach", with deep gratitude.

Maarten de Groof
Francesca Nardocci

I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business. He's very skilled, patient and keen to help and make your life a lot easier!

Maarten de Groof
Christel Mijers

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