Andra Bercea

My MacBook was going slow, and freezing from time to time, and so I looked for help upon our all knowing saviour – The Internet! That’s how I eventually found MacJunky.

I made the appointment last moment, and still Kia and his partner in crime, Mr. Woof!, fixed my problem in a couple of hours. He worked fast and clean.

What I really liked about Kia was the fact that he had No Bulshit going on. Kia looked at my Mac, told me what the problem is, and how to solve it, and Solved it.

Easy! Thanks a lot!

Andra Bercea, Amsterdam

Shahrukh Khalid

Definitely recommend to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service.

I have had my MacBook Air for a week after repair from MacJunky and I am a happy satisfied customer. Service fees are reasonable – its not peanuts but you don’t have to sell you kidney either.

Expect quality service, good communication and timely turn around.

Shahrukh Khalid, Amsterdam

Natasha Golding

Straightforward expertise, edited to what I need to know. An enriching conversation and professionalism minus any geek grandiosity.

Easy to recommend.

Natasha Golding, Amsterdam

If you have a Mac problem: Kia is your guy.

He revived my drowned and thought-to-be doomed Macbook Air and thereby all my documents, including my nearly finished master thesis. Kia is friendly, patient, skillful, and has the best dog, Woof.

I completely recommend him.

Dorien Admiraal, Amsterdam

Atticus Harris

Great service at MacJunky. Kia is friendly and efficient – Will definitely be returning with any issues in the future!

Atticus Harris, Amsterdam

Anton Paardekooper

Kia helped me out after a crash of my SSD on a wrong and busy moment. He was able to help fast, and gave good advice what to do.

On his advice we used a SSD from another Macbook and installed a new big HDD in the other MacBook.

I am up and travelling with a good and fast SSD and the family/photo Macbook has gained a lot of extra disk space.

Will take his 24/7 monitoring service, to prevent a next crash.

Edit by Kia: You can find out more about my monitoring service here:

Anton Paardekooper, Bilthoven

Arjan Bartlema

It is great to have an Apple expert close by and available. Kia responds quickly and gets the job done. Great guy as well.

For any apple issue I recommend MacJunky

Arjan Bartlema, Amsterdam

If you are like me and want things done fast and on budget, let Mr MacJunky himself do it for you.

My experience was a really fast one. Brought my defected iMac one day, two days later I was working again on my repaired machine.

Official Apple in-store repair shops are more expensive and take up much much longer to finish repairs.

MacJunky is fast and reasonably priced without a doubt.

Ludwig German, Amsterdam

Johannes LaSerda

Kia was welcoming, competent and easy to deal with. What else is there to say?

He was explaining everything on a customer friendly basis, dealt with my issue in a very short time and was quick and reliable to respond to questions or concerns.

Meet Kia and all your worries will be taken care off in a professional and easy manner. Best place to have your trouble taken care off.

On a side note: I also liked the ride out to the island!

Johannes LaSerda, Leiden

Gijs van der Meer

Kia heeft mij geweldig geholpen! Nieuwe batterij en trackpad en mijn Macbook loopt weer als een zonnetje.

Tevens veel gratis advies gekregen over software, een aanrader dus!

Gijs van der Meer, Amsterdam