I think we’re all getting fed up with newsletters and how they try to manipulate you into buying something. Not even that, but they all look the same!


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In today's Friday Fury, I want to talk about email. Not emails that you and I send as in communication, but email in newsletters where they just fucking annoys the hell out of me.

As I said, this is Friday Fury, so if you're not into swearing, go and watch my other videos. There are some other great videos.

But my Friday Fury series is literally that. It's a Friday, I'm furious about something, and I want to talk about it.

I Tweeted about this earlier today, how they are just so fucking goddamn annoying as hell.

A newsletter used to be people sending each other funny stuff. Then it turned into like sales funnels and lead magnets. And it irritates the hell out of me.

I don't understand why you would need to try to sell with your fucking goddamn cheesy lead magnet, which is bullshit most of the time anyway, because you can effectively find that information just by searching or going to YouTube or going to Twitter.

You probably even know that information because most of the cheesy lead magnets that I try to find because some look so compelling, you download it, and it's bullshit stuff I already knew anyway!

So I want to personally stop calling it a newsletter which is weird because it is a newsletter in a way, but why not just call it an email list?

I've tried in the past to do these lead magnets and funnels and stuff as I thought it was valuable. But to be honest, even mine were pretty fucking shit and cheesy. I got fed up with it.

These arseholes segment just to sell you shit. They'll email drip you to sell you more shit. The fact that they "say no, I don't do that" is bullshit.

Anyone that fucking says they're on the internet and not there to make money is utterly full of shit. Because we're all here to make money, we all need to pay for fucking shit we all need to work.

If you're a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, you're there to sell shit, so don't bullshit anyone saying that you're not there to sell shit!

I had a tiny Twitter conversation with someone yesterday "Oh, no I don't I don't sell anything" but then in a different Tweet, they said "I made loads of money from my newsletter and Twitter"!

Stop fucking kidding people!

This whole newsletter bullshit is so tiring and so fucking boring. People say "be different" but every fucking newsletter that you sign up for use exactly the same fucking template.

Going forward, I'm going to go and change my newsletter from Ghost to HEY World.

If you're interested, there'll be a link below. If you're already subscribed to me, you'll probably get an email inviting you to move over.

As I've always said, I don't do lead magnets. I don't do sales funnels. I don't do any of that utter fucking shit.

Because I don't need to shout to sell what I do, I just do what I do, people enjoy it, and then people buy or hire from me. All this other bullshit is bullshit, and I'm fucking fed up with it!

That was today's Friday Fury I'll see you next time have an awesome weekend!