Basecamp consulting for your business.

Simpler workflows that work for your business.

Signing up to Basecamp is only half the story. The other half is using it efficiently and getting your team on the same page.

Basecamp consulting for your business.

Work remotely

Working remotely is no easy task, but with the right tools, proper workflow,
and clear SOPs, you can stay focused on your business and not the tech.

Not only will your team be more productive, the costs of your business tech infrastructure will be easier to manage and cheaper to run.

I provide remote Basecamp consulting to professionals and small businesses who want simplicity with non of the complex tech jargon.

Why MacJunky?

Having used Basecamp for many years on projects and with clients, it's
helped my workflow and also to collaborate better.

I've found Basecamp to be one of the best tools to simplify a business, unify
communication, and organise work, all in one app.

If you're stuck on choosing the right too for you workflow or require
assistance to get your Basecamp in order...

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