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If you have questions or issues with your Apple devices or system, get in touch, I’d be glad to help and advise you on the best way to get it resolved.

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  • Mac running slow
  • iCloud sync problems
  • Internet or WiFi issues
  • iPhoto & data help
  • And much more…

MacJunky Review by Apple help

Kia did fast and good work on my iMac! And apart from his good work he is a nice person!! That is worth something 🙂

Yara Hannema, Haarlem

What are the costs

When you need any technical help, it’s always good to know what the costs are or will be before you commit to it. That’s why I don’t charge an hourly rate. Instead, I give the client a fixed cost for the support they need. This helps with transparency and negates spiralling costs!

How it works

It’s quite simple, once we’ve made contact we’ll discuss your requirements and needs. Then make a plan to take action & start the project. So book a call and lets start your project today!

MacJunky Review by Apple help

Thank you so much for the fast service. Now I can start the week good again!

Joram Blomkwist, Amsterdam