AJ from Marketcircle Visited the MacJunky Office Today

AJ from Marketcircle Visited the MacJunky Office Today

Today we had a visit from a veteran of the Apple developer & CRM world… AJ from Marketcircle.

For people who don’t know, AJ started the company many years ago in Toronto after needing software for the day to day running of his business, and so Daylite was born.

The Meet

We spoke about where Daylite & Billings came from and where they’re going. And let me tell you, there’s plenty coming for the eager software & productivity buffs out there!

It was a great meeting, I found him to be very personable and very much likeable. He’s not shy in sharing what can & can’t be done with his products.

I also love the way he thinks of his clients first rather than bowing to any financial needs. Daylite Cloud was a big move for Marketcircle, and I think he and his team have pulled it off very well.

Amsterdam Bikes

AJ has been to Amsterdam before but he did mention that he’s still amazed by the way Amsterdammers ride their ‘funny’ bikes.

Well mine isn’t funny AJ!!! 🙂 & my dog Woof! loves it. And yes, I have hauled some Mac Servers & iMac on this thing.

Kia from MacJunky & Woof! riding around Amterdam

I think we’re gonna have to get you on a ‘funny’ bike when you come back to Amsterdam. It was great to have you here!

Daylite & Billings

Daylite is a fully fledged CRM with plenty of great features that can help you and your business run more efficiently.

Billings is a great compliment to Daylite for invoicing, it can also pull in projects from Daylite, it even does recurring invoices, great if you’re running a service.

I have many clients using Daylite in all manner of ways. It’s very versatile, you can customise it to suit your needs & it’s great for teams too!

Daylite & Billing are those apps that you go to once you’ve tried all other apps.

After you’ve used them you just kick yourself for not finding them the first time around!

Both Daylite & Billings are being used by freelancers & businesses the world over.

Test it Out

Take Daylite & Billings for a test drive. They have a free 30 day trial & if you need any help, you know where to find me 🙂