Hi, I'm Kia

I'm the Apple Consultant making videos about Tech Minimalism and Simplicity that tech geeks watch to learn something new!

Keep IT Simple

Tech Minimalism isn't about less tech. It's about having the right tools to get what needs to be done as efficiently as possible.


Get help, advice and training for your Apple devices, whether you have just one Mac, iPhone or iPad, or many.

• Help, advice and training
• Secure remote service
• Short notice availability


The Apple-centric CRM that'll help you keep track of all your clients, projects, tasks, notes and even your emails.

• Everything in one place
• Simplify your business
• Better client relationships

Tech Minimalism

Create a calmer and less hectic day by simplifying and removing tech friction to help you become more productive.

• Simplified email mailbox
• Organised files and data
• Create less tech friction

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